Uganda’s approach to their refugees


Marvellous story in pictures outlining some admirable developments to empower refugees in Uganda.  But the problem is far bigger than even the best intentions and actions can manage without addressing, directly at every stage, the facilitation of control of their own identities and financial autonomy for refugees to support themselves, build futures for their families and contribute to the economies of which they are a part.    This article also specifically highlights refugees having details manually recorded.  So wherever they move or progress all that fine work which could be in the individuals control (see MyInform online secure profiles as Phase 3 proposed by HTiL) will instead be lost or locked out of their control.  Details of identity which will be unable to be shared by the refugees in future, an imperative for anyone to build a future, details that could instead serve to help them build their own narratives, profiles and official records as responsible productive members of any society of which they will be a part.

The refugees are like our brothers’: Uganda’s example to the world



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