How to Make Libya a Place to Live and Work for Migrants — Refugees Deeply

“Development programming can make some cities in Libya liveable for migrants again, say development experts Paul Clewett and Pernille Goodall. They also offer a non-coercive means to reducing people flows across the Mediterranean.”

HTiL post this excellent essay on Medium both because of the content in its own right, and because of the resonance we hear with our own work. One of our project partners in Europe are bringing  together a consortium to make possible exactly this sort of EU investment in solving the problems that exist that make the displaced, displaced. We are working with them to address   matching EU city needs (on skills and jobs etc) with the aspirations, historical and current contexts of refugees already in EU camps.

To create an end result of realtime identification and promotion of suitable training, education and jobs that bring successful integration as efficiently and effectively as possible; where both the host communities and the refugees benefit directly.  The plan is then to do the same BEFORE the migration happens, and through the efforts of MyInform, give EU corporates and investors the confidence they need to commit FDI to countries that so sorely need training and jobs.  Through MyInform investors considering FDI into countries from which refugees to the EU originate, will be able to invest confidently because they know quantitatively and qualitatively in real-time, that there are those ready willing and able to take up the training and commit to those jobs.

Source: How to Make Libya a Place to Live and Work for Migrants — Refugees Deeply

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