Refugee & Host Youth Stories

A story directly from refugees and host youth living in and around Palabek Ogil refugee settlement in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda. This film is an example of what can be achieved with only two weeks training in basic video advocacy. This particular training was facilitated by the Refugee Law Project’s (RLP) Media for Social Change (M4SC) Programme.

RLP can be found at the School of Law, Makerere University, a centre for Justice and Forced Migrants. RLP’s core values include independence, innovation, non-discrimination, rigour, respect, professionalism and accountability. They aim to promote the protection, well being and dignity of forced migrants and their hosts.

Working to achieve this by empowering migrants and communities to challenge and combat injustices in policy, law and practice. The Refugee Law Project also aims to influence the national and international debate on matters of forced migration, justice and peace in Uganda. Their vision is that all people enjoy their human rights, irrespective of their legal status.

This 9-minutes film was collectively produced by a group of 19 youth from the refugee and host community of Palabek-Ogil refugee settlement in Lamwo district, northern Uganda. This was the first group to attend RLP’s two-week boot camp training in basic video advocacy that took place in Kitgum in 2018 with funding support from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The film highlights the role South Sudanese refugees can play in using video to document their life stories while in Uganda. Stories that they can share with the global audience but also store for future reference when they return to South Sudan. HTIL have previously discussed the importance of understanding migration journeys from migrants perspectives. 

Read More about the importance of understanding migrants perspectives here

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