South Sudan

Declared the 193rd country of the world in 2011, South Sudan planned on creating a new era for its people. Despite the population that voting in favor of independence from Sudan. People experienced a short period of peace before becoming a country that has one of the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

Displaced people

In 2017 a ceasefire was declared, this has since been followed by violence in parts of the country as thousands of people continue to be displaced. Currently, over four million people have been displaced and seven million are in urgent need of assistance by humanitarian organisations since South Sudan’s independence. Food insecurity and the risk of famine directly affects more people across the country than ever before.

Refugee Narratives

As the anniversary of independence in South Sudan approaches the Norwegian Refugee council spoke directly to families affected by the conflict and shared their stories.


Majok teaches English to displaced children and is still too afraid to return home. “Last month two pastors were killed in Juba town by unknown gun men. If they can easily kill God’s servants, it means the security is not good for me to go back home.” NRC

Kugar a mother living in the former Unity State describes how

“Sometimes my children go three to five days without eating. They will just lie on the ground because of the lack of energy to play. I go to the nearest river to look for water lilies to eat. But when the river dries up, there will be no more lilies.”


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