Refugee Training in Uganda

Jacob Nhial (in white shirt) is one of 900,000 South Sudanese who have fled their country since 2013. Photo NRC/ Wairimu Munyinyi-Wahome

Jacob Nhial is one of the thousands of refugees who have fled South Sudan into Uganda. In addition to being a refugee, Jacob works with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) as a community contact person. 

Insiders perspective

Drawing from his personal experience of fleeing conflict and losing contact with his immediate family. Jacob uses his insider’s perspective to support refugees in navigating their new lives in their host country. Training in the subjects of gender-based violence (GBV) and peace and conflict resolution mechanisms empower him in his work.

Fleeing South Sudan in 2013, interrupted Jacobs academic pursuits, and directly affected his ability to study pharmacy. Being prevented from accessing his academic certificates for his education as a result of the conflict limits how he can present his academic achievements in South Sudan. Leaving Jacob like other refugees who have fled their origin countries due to the conflict, in a liminal place in terms of completing their education.


Training at Rhino Camp

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) works in Rhino refugee camp, in Arua district of Uganda. Over twenty-two million people were displaced in Africa in 2017, due to conflict. South Sudan has one of the largest displacement figures in Africa. NRC works to empower young people affected by being displaced. Encouraging young people like Jacob to create futures for themselves and their communities through education and building on their emotional, social and professional strengths. NRC achieve this through providing safe spaces free from exploitative and discriminatory practices so young people can achieve their dreams despite their current circumstances.

Funding from the European Commission Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) has been used by the Norwegian Refugee Council to provide vocational and entrepreneurial training for refugees. This has been established in the Nyumanzi and Rhino settlements in northern Uganda.

Empowering refugees

Dorcas a refugee from South Sudan, established a beauty shop in the Nyumanzi refugee settlement in Uganda. This was achieved by achieving an NRC enterprise management training course. In addition to the training, Dorcas was encouraged to collaborate with three other people on their joint venture. As a mother of four, the income Dorcas earns from the business empowers her with the ability to support her family and contribute to her community in ways she had not imagined prior to the collaboration.

In addition to working with young people to achieve their dreams, the NRC works on gender issues. These range from encouraging ideas in relation to women’s and rights, to protecting boys from being recruited as child soldiers. Incorporating gender equality into the planning and practice of their field activities the Norwegian Refugee Council educates and engages communities in the fight against gender-based violence. In addition to providing the resources that people need to recover from gender-based violence and abuse.

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