The orphans of so-called Islamic State left in Libyan limbo (IRIN) … Time for those who can, to do more than “no harm” (HTiL)

“The government, the international community, and [aid] organisations all deluded us,” said Raiss, who began caring for the children on what was meant to be a temporary basis in late 2016. “[International organisations] all talked about humanity, charity, and amnesty and promised lots of help, but it was just words. Nobody stuck to their promises and now we are alone.”

“…We hear in the media about many huge humanitarian organisations working all over the world, but here we have seen no humanity from the international community,” Raiss said. “Most of these organisations have only visited these children to take photos and collect information. But [they have] not given any concrete help.”

This story is about the ongoing suffering of the blameless, of 24 children who are being counted, photographed, catalogued and reported on because their ‘displaced status’ is being seen as their identity rather than a  tragic circumstance.

It is also the story of lack of direct voices and real help given to those who struggle on the ground; the reality which faces refugees looking after refugees.   The story represents displaced persons not being seen/heard in their own particular context, not being directed to those that actually can provide help for specific needs; instead being made part of endless studies, analytics and reports.

It is in circumstances like this that we hope the direct channel of MyInform  can most acutely make a difference.  Meanwhile we trust this story from  IRIN will somehow reach ears that will DO something for each one of these children to help heal and remove them from their continuing appalling reality.

Source: The orphans of so-called Islamic State left in Libyan limbo …

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