Migrants are a lot like you


During the International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018, Tim Dixon gave an interview: Migrants are a lot like you. Dixon is the co-founder of More in Common an international initiative. Essentially, it was established to build stronger communities and societies that are more united and more resilient to threats of polarisation and social division. They aim to achieve this through developing and deploying positive narratives that tell a new story celebrating what we all have in common rather than what divides us. In addition to connecting people on a large scale across lines of difference, through More in Common events and campaigns.

Migrants are a lot like you


Dixon’s background as an economist and tech sector lawyer has been utilised in his work as the chief speechwriter and economic adviser for two Prime Ministers. More recently he has worked to start and grow social movement organisations around the world to protect civilians. This work has been directly associated with people in Syria and Colombia in addition to addressing modern-day slavery, reducing inequality, and engaging faith communities in social justice. Tim Dixon is on the boards of the International Budget Partnership, Purpose Europe, the Jo Cox Foundation the Syria Campaign, the Chifley Research Centre and faith-based justice organisation Sojourners


International Forum on Migration Statistics

The International Organization for Migration (IOM),UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs  (UN DESA) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organised the first-ever International Forum on Migration Statistics in January 2018. Hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the forum facilitated 240 speakers and hosted participants from 90 countries. Governments, research institutes, universities, the private sector, civil society and international organisations were represented at the event.

What were the key messages of the International Forum on Migration Statistics?

  1. Significant migration-data gaps exist

  2. Migration data are important for the SDGs and Global Compacts

  3. National Statistics Offices take the lead on innovative approaches to migration data

  4. Disaggregation of migration data is crucial

  5. Capacity building and international cooperation are necessary for improving migration data

  6. Effective communication of data is necessary for overcoming public misperceptions of migration

  7. Big data and other innovative approaches can help fill data gaps

  8. The Forum will provide a regular space for exchange on migration-data issues

Ref Data Brief

The MyInform platform

The HumanTech Innovation Lab is a digital humanitarian initiative, proactively and collaboratively at the intersect between humanitarianism and technology. The MyInform platform will represent a core paradigm shift for the displaced, enabling them to be supported and recognised specifically according to their personal context and future aspirations; to be respected as part of the solution to truly global prosperity and security, rather than being seen as a threat to it.

Read the Migration Data Brief which focuses on the key messages of the inaugural International Forum on Migration Statistics

International Forum on Migration Statistics guide

Watch the plenary and parallel sessions




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