Migration data tells stories



Migration data tells stories

During the International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018, Susanne Melde gave an interview: Migration data tells stories. Melde is a specialist in migration governance and policy analysis and has worked on migration policy and data analysis at IOM for over a decade. In addition to managing the research unit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Observatory on Migration in Brussels. Currently, Melde coordinates the Global Migration Data Portal of GMDAC.

International Forum on Migration Statistics

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs  (UN DESA) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) organised the first-ever International Forum on Migration Statistics in January 2018.

Hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the forum facilitated 240 speakers and hosted participants from 90 countries. Governments, research institutes, universities,the private sector, civil society and international organisations were represented at the event. William Lacy Swing, Director General, International Organization for Migration(IOM) was one of the opening speakers who emphasized

‘how the overall improvement of data on migration cannot be achieved by any one organization alone: we need to work together in partnership for real progress to be made’. Ref

What were the key messages of the International Forum on Migration Statistics?

  1. Significant migration-data gaps exist

  2. Migration data are important for the SDGs and Global Compacts

  3. National Statistics Offices take the lead on innovative approaches to migration data

  4. Disaggregation of migration data is crucial

  5. Capacity building and international cooperation are necessary for improving migration data

  6. Effective communication of data is necessary for overcoming public misperceptions of migration

  7. Big data and other innovative approaches can help fill data gaps

  8. The Forum will provide a regular space for exchange on migration-data issues

Ref Data Brief

The MyInform platform

The HumanTech Innovation Lab is a digital humanitarian initiative, proactively and collaboratively at the intersect between humanitarianism and technology. The MyInform platform will represent a core paradigm shift for the displaced, enabling them to be supported and recognised specifically according to their personal context and future aspirations; to be respected as part of the solution to truly global prosperity and security, rather than being seen as a threat to it.

Read the Migration Data Brief which focuses on the key messages of the inaugural International Forum on Migration Statistics 

International Forum on Migration Statistics guide

Watch the plenary and parallel sessions


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