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A recent report by The Guardian suggests that people have been left in limbo for more than twenty years for decisions to be made on their asylum claims in the United Kingdom. 

‘Seventeen people received decisions from the Home Office last year on claims they had submitted more than 15 years ago, four of whom had waited more than 20 years for a decision.’

The Guardian


Figures released by the UK in 2018



 14,308 grants of asylum.

6,568 grants of asylum to main applicants and dependants

2,038 grants of alternative forms of protection to main applicants and their dependents

5,702 people provided with protection under various resettlement schemes

6,068 grants of asylum were to children




immigration statistics

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UK immigration statistics provide figures on the levels and trends in the numbers of people who are covered by the UK’s immigration control and related processes.

The figures give an overview of the work of the Home Office. Which includes the UK Border Force and UK Visas and Immigration in addition to other government departments and agencies dealing with immigration. Immigration Statistics are published in the UK each February, May, August, and November. 

Statistics in the World Migration report 2018 suggest that in 2016 there were 22.5 million refugees globally (World Migration report 2018)Figures that suggest the highest numbers on record. Between seventy countries, over 75,000 individual asylum applications were made by unaccompanied and separated children.

Living Conditions for asylum seekers

‘Asylum seekers are not allowed to work while they wait for a decision on their claim. They are provided with an allowance of £37.75 a week’.The Gaurdian

In the United Kingdom, many asylum seekers experience poverty and poor health while being hosted there.  Many families struggle to provide basic essentials. It has been highlighted by The Children’s Society that ‘support for children seeking protection in the UK can be as little as half of that received through the mainstream benefits system’ Ref


The Children’s Society’s Policy Director Enver Solomon suggests that

‘Children of asylum seekers are no less deserving and have the same needs as all children in the UK, yet by giving them less financial help they are being treated as though they are inferior’ Ref

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