Genocide, hate speech, and the Rohingya: Key takeaways from UN probe on Myanmar (IRIN)

The take away from this excellent report is…every person – each one of us – needs to take responsibility for what is brought to our attention.  To do whatever we can so that injustice and horrors like this are not allowed to continue, and recur, and create further generations of those who will grow to hate us all for our feigned sympathy / actual apathy.   

Forget the excuse of fake news and information overload.

We all have the means in 2018 to investigate the truth of what we hear and then do all in our power to counter those actions, events, entities as we see fit. That is the only course for each of us if we want anything to change now and in future.

It is inauthentic and meaningless to think we can look the other way regarding what is happening in Myanmar or anywhere else where issues of migration and integration are screaming for our attention. Migrant deaths on European shores, inhuman and unconstitutional  policies at the US/Mexican border, EU complicity in inhuman containment all along the African migration routes, the disgrace of people in camps in humiliating conditions in Greece and Italy rather than resettling them as productive members of society … there is no lack of evidence for all of the above.  There is also no magical UN / EU / US force of any description to handle these matters.  Each one of us are not absolved from complicity.   We all know that neither the UN nor the EU nor any other politically driven entity … has the will or the teeth to do anything timely in the face of focused organised inhumanity. 

The question we must ask ourselves is what am I doing? what can I do? and then seek out and work directly with those on the ground we feel are making a positive impact and which we can support in some way. – HTiL

“In addition to calling out alleged military crimes, the fact-finding mission also says UN actions in the country require further examination” – IRIN

Source: IRIN | Genocide, hate speech, and the Rohingya: Key takeaways from UN probe on Myanmar

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