Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week at P21 Gallery London

Multimedia Exhibition

The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week takes place this week at the P21 Gallery in London, a short five-minute stroll from Euston station. Curated by Frédérique Cifuentes, this multimedia exhibition includes sound and video art installation and portrait photography. In addition to a series of interviews and stories with Sudan /South Sudan writers, poets, cultural entrepreneurs and publishers captured on video. 

‘In bringing together literature from Sudan and South Sudan, we would like to challenge the mainstream notion that both countries have little else to offer beyond images of war, violence, and unending political unrest.’ P21 Gallery

Curator Frédérique Cifuentes is an award-winning multimedia producer, workshop leader, and curator. She has a strong interest in post-conflict recovery, geopolitics, and cultural heritage. While working with international institutions, NGOs, festivals, museums, galleries, and academics.


The literature week will engage with authors, journalists, publishers, academics, critics, activists, and students of Sudan and South Sudan. Linguistically presenting a variety of literature, which includes Arabic, English, Beja and Dinka. With work included by Tayeb Salih, Ibrahim Ishaq, Malka Al-Fadil and Leila Aboulela to name just a few of the extensive participants.

‘Taban Lo Liyong calls on contemporary writers to resurrect traditional forms of storytelling, such as the fable and the folktale, and situates the anthology in the broader context of the African literary aesthetic. “The writer is a worker,” he says, “a word-artist. And I think the word artists in both South Sudan and Sudan should display human beings battling with the problems of coping with life.” Naomi Polonsky of Hyperallergic

As part of the Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week engagement programme there will be a Sudan South Sudan Cultural day on Saturday 10th November 2018 from 12:00 – 16:00. The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week which is supported by the Arts Council of England runs from 1st to the 10th of November.

P21 Gallery can be found at 21-27 Chalton Street, London.

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