CDC New Programmes for 2019

Central to the CDC plans for the future will be the integration of the MyInform Service (tailored SaaS solution pilot).  CDC (as MyInform’s IP in Uganda) will be using HTiL’s MyInform Services to:

  • to give all CDC’s external partners, donors, sponsors and supporters the added confidence in each programme’s IM (information management for planning and logistics via MyInform Chat)
  • to deliver critical cutting edge near realtime feedback for meaningful MR&E (to help insure scalable and sustainable success with MyInform Hub)

CDC programmes in progress will continue into 2019 and be joined by the many New Programmes developed with thanks to the extended network of HTiL.  These will not only bring practical technical training for adults and jobs but also extensive life changing educational programmes for children.

CDC Addressing Beautiful Arua Campaign in progress







The ABA Campaign is bringing actual addresses for the first time to all the residents of the Arua Settlements and was made possible in-conjunction with our excellent partnership with

Here is What3Words 2019 Press Release demonstrating work in progress. You can learn more about the ABA Campaign Strategies by clicking here  and for the ABA Campaign Overview click here.

Please join What3Words,  HTiL and the CDC to accelerate the outcomes of efficiency for critical infrastructures and quality of life enhancement which comes by bringing the thousands in Arua Settlements their own immutable address via the internationally recognised w3w addressing system.

Here are our wonderful ABA Campaign volunteers in Arua settlement, Uganda: 



For more information on CDC see: