CDC Past Projects

Meeting the Other (2017)

The Community Development Centre Meeting the Other project was a podcast project between Rhino Camp and HBG young people in June 2017. The project was designed as a virtual meeting of young people from a German school Heinz ­Berggruen ­Gymnasium and a school near a Ugandan refugee settlement for South Sudanese citizens along the border called Rhino Camp. Stakeholders for Meeting the Other include the Office of the Prime Minister Uganda, Vienna High School and Heinz Berggruen Gymnasium. 

The Community Development Centre in collaboration with r0g_agency for open culture in Berlin brought young people together in an exchange. Essentially, this project encouraged young people to explore the aspirations, interests and common goals of the seemingly very different other.

In addition to this project, events in Berlin that covered themes of cultural diversity, religions, gender, refugees, environmental, animal welfare, food, politics, economics, right­wing extremism, media and fashion took place. In July 2017, a presentation day took place providing people with the opportunity to see the results of the projects, explore the insights that were provided and explore the themes of the project ending in a summer festival in Berlin.


Dissemination of Peace Agreement (2016)

The Community Development Centre, participated in the dissemination of the Compromise Peace Agreement -CPA to Citizens in Yei River County part of the Central Equatorial State South Sudan in 2016. Essentially, the program conducted with support from Democracy International was designed to give communities knowledge of the agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.


Defy Hate Now Programs (2016)

The Community Development Centre, implemented series of programs under the Defy Hate Now project in South Sudan and Uganda in 2016. Essentially, the program has been designed to contribute towards urgent community peacebuilding, through training in conflict reconciliation. Stakeholders for the Defy Hate Now Programs include German Embassy, Juba, South Sudan, refugees and host communities and the Office of the Prime Minister Uganda. The project aimed to strengthen voices and support in civic actions of peace to combat and mitigate one line hate speech and social media incitements to violence in South Sudan.

In Uganda, the program was conducted in Rhino Camp where several groups presented their creative and cultural performances. The creative and cultural project was aimed to respond to the increased ethnic violence and offline hate hugely exacerbated by limited access to information, ethnic hatred and division among the diverse South Sudanese Refugee communities living in the settlement. Through cultural and creative art theatre performances and Salaam voices (peace voices), we achieved the project objectives. Which included emphasising a disdain for ethnic violence and hate, instead encouraging a move towards increasing peace voices to achieve peaceful coexistence among the diverse ethnic tribes settled in the camps.


Defy Hate Now Programs (2015)

The Peace Village project was designed to work within the framework of the Defy Hate Now project in South Sudan and Uganda. Designed as a media education and hate speech mitigation program. It aimed to transform warmongering media platforms into peacebuilding capacities while providing people with the necessary knowledge to speak up and educate themselves and others on the benefits of sharing responsibility through social media use. Stakeholders for the Defy Hate Now Programs include German Embassy, Juba, South Sudan, refugees and host communities and the Office of the Prime Minister Uganda.  The Community Development Centre encouraged people to learn about and then apply ethical behavior to be employed when conveying sensitive information. The project trained 150 trainees in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement, Uganda.  In addition, it reached over 2000 young people, community members, and Social media users. The project was funded by the means of Ifa-Zivit-German Federal Office with the support of r0g Agency for Open Culture and Critical Transformations.


Youth Peace Education Project (2014)

The Community Development Centre conducted outreaches to High Schools, Colleges and other institutions of learning from May to September 2014. Taking place in Yei Teachers Training College, the Yei University, and St.Paul Secondary School. An emphasis was placed on empowering messages of peace building and non-violence while training young people. In addition to a series of Social Media Workshops designed to empower young people in the responsive use of social media with an emphasis on a code of conduct.


Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project (2017 ongoing)


The Community Development Centre created Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project in  Refugee camps in Uganda. The aims of this project were to give physiological support to the South Sudanese refugee communities living in the settlements. Essentially, the project provided a platform for peacebuilding and reconciliation. Stakeholders for the Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project include Ministry of Youth and Sports Uganda and the Yei River County Commissioner’s Office.

This was achieved by providing a platform for peacebuilding community dialogues between refugee and hosts communities in Rhino camp. An emphasis was placed on increasing local community knowledge in relation to local conflict mapping, conflict resolution and peace continuation. This was established in order to inculcate peace and reconciliation among both local and refugee communities in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.



Radio Talk Shows (ongoing)

The Community Development Centre has facilitated radio talk shows who are interested in broadcasting on refugee rights to movement, employment, and education. Arua One FM an example of a radio station that has had programs that are implemented in collaboration with the Centre For Democracy and Development –CEDED Sudan and this collaboration has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy – NED.



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