Genocide, hate speech, and the Rohingya: Key takeaways from UN probe on Myanmar (IRIN)

The take away from this excellent report is…every person – each one of us – needs to take responsibility for what is brought to our attention.  To do whatever we can so that injustice and horrors like this are not […]

UK asylum claims limbo

  A recent report by The Guardian suggests that people have been left in limbo for more than twenty years for decisions to be made on their asylum claims in the United Kingdom.  ‘Seventeen people received decisions from the Home […]

Winterization in Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos

Kara Tepe drone picture

Depending so highly on a single donor makes UNHCR the operational arm of the EU’s shortsighted policies. This is the third winter for UNHCR in Greece… Winterization is a word used in the humanitarian world to describe a number of […]

Basic Arabic UX for Business

arabic UX

Designing for the Arab User some things to consider in relation to basic Arabic UX for Business. What you’ll read about in this article: Mirroring layout for an Arabic interface is key, but has its limitations, Digits are written from […]

For Syrian Refugees In Turkey, A Long Road To Regular Employment

syrian refugee employment

In a neighborhood of Istanbul that’s plastered with Arabic signs, a Syrian refugee whips up his specialty — avocado cream smoothies — at the small, colorful cafe where he works. Majd al-Hassan has been in Turkey for two years, but […]

How to Make Libya a Place to Live and Work for Migrants — Refugees Deeply

“Development programming can make some cities in Libya liveable for migrants again, say development experts Paul Clewett and Pernille Goodall. They also offer a non-coercive means to reducing people flows across the Mediterranean.” HTiL post this excellent essay on Medium […]