HTiL is committed to constructive inclusive collaboration around refugee issues, migration, asylum and integration including:

  • Development and implementation of scalable, transferrable and sustainable solutions, developed with both host communities as well as refugees
  • Acknowledgement that being ‘displaced’ is a circumstance and not an identity, calling for meaningful integration in recognition of every individuals’ historical and aspirational context
  • Recognition that both sustainable prosperity and security can never be realised in isolation; they must be shared and inclusive by design or they are doomed to be undermined.

In a world struggling with both prosperity and security, society continues to define itself by borders and distrust of “the other”.  The results are on the news every hour, it is not working.

A paradigm shift is called for and immediate ongoing systemic innovation is demanded; with collaboration across borders, sectors, disciplines and cultures.

Central to this is inclusive collaboration and innovation to insure that no person is defined as “other” or remains forced to identify as “displaced”, harnessing the power of well designed digital technologies to do so systematically and pragmatically.

The single figure for which the HumanTech Innovation Lab demands action, that drives our work and frames our innovation is: 65+ million displaced globally. 65+ million potentially productive individuals in limbo.  65+ million minds and wills fighting daily to retain hope against all the odds, driven by aspirations to build a better life and trusting that their sacrifices bear testimony to their right to respect.



“Ubuntu” (ùɓúntʼú])

“I am what I am because of who we all are.
Zulu, Nguni Bantu definition of “humanity”