MyInform Chat

MyInform Chat remains throughout its iterative deployment and development phases an online facilitator for refugees, but one which is in the control of, as well as the responsibility of, the individual user.

  • MyInform Chat empowers each displaced individual with contact details tailored to only their personal current, historical and aspirational context. In this way, they may better achieve goals within the bounds, limitations, laws and regulations of society, rather than being forced outside the same.  It addresses directly the issues which spring from despair, deprivation and lack of hope. Delivering an alternative to forcing individuals into the hands of people traffickers, slavery and the countless related outcomes by giving easy practical access to remain within the bounds of safety and positive development.
  • MyInform Chat assists those seeking refuge in an ever changing world to be an active part of their own solution and to a solution for society as a whole. As part of this process MyInform Chat is also aggregating anonymous datasets automatically, for sharing with the world’s support providers on the MyInform Hub.  There, in depth visualisations of this unique MyInform process will be available.  These datasets and visualisation will uniquely help all concerned with the displaced do their jobs better. Equally, those considering investment or development will have the confidence to know the abilities, as well as aspirations, of any given displaced population in which it is deployed.

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